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From our earliest days, Americans have always met the challenge of the frontier. Venturing into the wilderness carrying everything they needed on their backs, these brave scouts were at home with nature,familiar with all of the plants and animals in the forest and on the prairie. Skilled with the bow, rifle and rod, they caught their game, started their fires with flint and steel, and cooked their meals. Skilled navigators, they knew how to find their way through any terrain. They befriended the Native Americans and learned their ways. Far from civilization, they learned how to care for themselves and their comrades when sick or injured. Skilled pioneers, they built bridges to cross rivers, forts for protection and homes for their families.

These traditions are kept alive today in the Scouting movement. Schiff Scout Reservation is proud to present the Pine Tree Training Program, designed to teach you the same skills our forefathers needed to survive in the wilderness.


Program Areas

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This topic can be tailored to your troops needs. It can cover the following areas; Tenderfoot thru First Class cooking requirements. It can cover advanced cooking including Menus, Food shopping, Food Preparation, Dutch Ovens, Cooking without utensils, Clean-up, and Sanitation. Either way, your group will cook and clean up a Lunch.


Open to all Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Ventures. Hands on fishing program designed to stimulate the love of fishing. All the requirements for the fishing Merit Badge will be gone over and we’ll try our luck on Deep Pond. You will need to bring a fishing pole and lunch, ½ dozen worms provided. Anybody over the age of 16 must have a New York State fishing license.


The Orienteering program is a full day session, which teaches skills in using a compass, map reading, navigating using a map and compass and the basics of the sport of Orienteering. The program stresses the practical application of the skills, culminating with the basic Orienteering course at Schiff. Recommend Scouts be at least 11 years old.


Come out and enjoy a fun-filled morning, afternoon, or all-day learning how to use a bow. Webelos and Boy Scouts.


Scouts learn knots and lashings, from first-timers to making useful structures using spars and ropes. This becomes a fun day, which can include rope making and splicing; parts of the Pioneering Merit badge. Bring a blue card signed by the Scoutmaster.


Come out and enjoy a fun-filled morning, afternoon, or all-day shooting Crossman .177 cal Pellet rifles. Webelos and Boy Scouts.